Traktor 2 - Setting a Music Folder problems.
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    Default Traktor 2 - Setting a Music Folder problems.

    Hey guys,

    Wondering if I could find a little help, as most threads I find on the subject don't seem to relate specifically to what i'm experiencing.

    I've recently wiped my mac, and re-installed everything. It was sluggish, and this appears to have given it a new lease of life. So one plus. However, upon re-installing Traktor, i've hit problems when it comes to telling Traktor what folder to use for my music. I was fooled into thinking everything was great by that fact it imported all my previous controlled settings from my back up. This is my problem;

    I go to Preferences, File Management, and select what Music Folders to use.
    I choose 'Gig Music' from my desktop.
    This then appears in my menu to the left of the screen when I click under Explorer - Music Folders.


    This will sometimes randomly collapse and not let me reopen Music Folders to see the folders i'd specified to look in via File Management. Also....
    If i close and re-open Traktor, it will not open Music Folders either. I look in Preferences, File Management, and my 'Gig Music' folder is still listed in there, but it won't show.

    My question....

    WHAT!?!?! Why is it doing this? Its very annoying, and any help would be great.

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    you need to tick the "import new tracks automatically" option in the preferences
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