Hello everyone, I'm new around here but I registered because I thought someone on this forum could help me out!

I recently bought a Hercules DJ console 4-MX. Which I installed the drivers for and the Virtual DJ Software that goes with it.

Now the problem with it is that whenever I plug in my headphones, the music on Deck B keeps playing through my speakers. I've made sure the crossfader is pointing all the way to Deck A, so it shouldn't even be playing at all.

But the moment I press play on my Deck B, the song will play regardless and the sound will not come through my headphones.

My VDJ sound config is this:

Input: None
Output: Headphones, Master Chan: 1 & 2 / Headphones chan 3 & 4
Soundcard: Hercules DJ console 4-MX

This is what my setup currently looks like. Could anyone help me out?

Much appreciated.