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    Do you always plug into the same USB port? For example, the X1's always plug into the port on the right side of the computer. I read an article that reported not all USB ports on the Mac Books have the same power rating. I think it was on DJTT.

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    I always plug into the same ports. Closest one to me for the soundcard. The furthest port is used for the hub where the X1's are plugged in.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jayo View Post
    So every time I setup in a proper club my rig never wants to work properly. Usually I'm using 2 X1's with native mappings and an A6 running to the clubs mixer. Either neither of the x1's will be recognized by tsp, or if I'm lucky only 1 will work. If I don't use my USB hub and plug the a6 and one X1 directly into my computer then it's all good. But as soon as I plug both X1's into the hub shit hits the fan. When I take it home and set it up everything works flawlessly, but take it to the club the next night and the same issues pop up.
    For the record I am using a cheap hub. But if it works fine at home, why not a club environment?
    It happened to me, my f1 was totally un responsive, when this happens, go to traktor mappings and route your custom mapping i.e x1 to all ports, it tends to mess up really

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