shamless joy ;P (need mixer ideas)
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    Default shamless joy ;P (need mixer ideas)

    so, as I just got my 2nd Otus im looking at adding a 4 channel mixer to the setup, atm it looks like the ecler 4.0 is the best option as I have no need for efx on the mixer + the big pots looks nice as I have an PMC-CX alrdy.

    so has anyone tryed the 4.0? any exp on it that u can share or can any1 recommend another 4 channel mixer?
    I mainly mix, so no need for any fancy crossfaders or so, just a good 4 channel mixer to run with Traktor 1.2.1
    my music :

    Traktor 2.5 Audio 6 midifighter classic x1
    vestax PMC-CX
    midifighter pro SUPER KNOB's runnin beatmasher mapping + some other custom stuff

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    ecler make some fine, luxurious mixers. i've owned the nuo 3.0 for almost a year and my only complaint is that i wish it sometimes had a fourth audio channel. i'm pretty sure you won't be disappointed.

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