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    so im sick of using a fold out table to put my stuff on at gigs, there just to short and i hate crouching over my gear or stacking stuff on boxes to get them up to where they really need to be. i have consider buying a fold up stand but i just dont like the look and feel of them. so i think im going to build a custom stand out of pvc and with plexiglass for a surface so i can tare it down and stuff it all in a duffel bag

    this is ruffly what the scaffold would look like


    and it would all be secured together with these things


    maybe run some bungee cord through the major pipes and connectors like in modern tent poles so i dont have to sort through it all just snap it together and put the pins in

    just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on this. any suggestions or comments would be appreciated as i want to plan it all out in advance before i start buying parts and making it

    if it all comes together well i'll make a build log

    my goal is to have it hold at least 400 lbs or so of gear without wobble or fear of some drunk tipping it over

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    how about this:
    and your gear on a flightcase on top of it???

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    i use this one looks great and professional and matches my flight cases.


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