Traktor BPM jumping
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    Default Traktor BPM jumping

    Ok, i may get crushed for this question, b/c it sounds like something simple but, in the event it is something simple, i figured i would throw it out there. I usually dj using deck a or b as the master (i don't usually sync to the master clock). At my weekly gig this past Wednesday I started having this weird issue where A and B would be synced up with either one being the master, and the BPM kept jumping up or down, bringing the pitch back to +-0 on its own (ie, if the pitch was +3 it would travel on its own to 0; if it was -3 it would slide on its own back to 0). I would move the pitch back where i wanted it, it would stay there for a few seconds, then it would ghost move back to 0. eventually i just set the master clock at the bpm i wanted and sync'd to that and had no problems after that. Pretty weird since i had been djing the same way for months with no such issues. I'm sure this is something simple that i'm just missing. Has anyone had a similar issue, or happens to know the fix? Many thanks for any input.

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    If you're mixing on an S4 Ive yet to meet one that didn't break eventually. Ghost movements from the channel fades and pitch sliders are two of the more common issues Ive seen, the other most common being unreliable FX buttons.

    NI are usually pretty good about repairing broken gear. If that sounds like it may be your problem give them a call.

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