Hi All
I'm new to the DJ world but am a long time musician. I'm looking at these two machines but am open to other suggestions.

Here's how it breaks down for me. I'm curious to hear everyone elses thoughts and suggestions. I'm open to other units as well.

Gemini CDMP7000

-From my brief research, the CDJ is very appealing to me because I don't need a laptop and can just plug in USB sticks.
-Build Quality - Looks and feels like a higher quality unit than the S4

-Doesn't have the best reviews. Some rave about it. Others hatea it.

Traktor S4
- Reliable / Proven
- Slightly Cheaper - And comes with good software

- Less Versatile

Obviously, I'm still unsure if I want a controller or a stand alone unit. Like I said, I'm new to all this and will be learning everything on the way. I'm not specific to any software either. I just want something that will help me progress in the future. For instance, are controllers becoming more popular? Is it best to use those now, or should I stick to the roots with something like a CDJ?

Again, I'm open to other possibilities. My budget is ~$1000 and the cheaper is always better but not necessary. My computer is a Macbook Pro C2D 2.5ghz, 4GB ram. I have no plans to upgrade my computer, but I can grab some more ram if necessary. I'm into progressive house.