Ok.....so is my s4 shot?
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    Default Ok.....so is my s4 shot?

    Ok so I just got 2 new traktor x1 mk2's in the mail and brought one to my gig as excitied as I can be to use and mess around with. I get everything all set up and ready to go and then my macbook gives me this error message saying it disabled my USB device because it was drawing to much power from my laptop. Ok so I had my S4 the X1 and my F1 plugged in, figured there was something I didnt read about the x1 so I rebooted my laptop unplugged everything and just plugged my s4 in so I could just do my gig and mess with it tommarow. Well I get this message again, I play with it a bit, and it keeps turning on and off, I noticed when I pick it up and turn it on an angle backwords, itll just turn off all together. I tryed all of my USB cables thinking one may be bad, no it keeps doing it. Well called a friend to do the gig for me and went home. I plugged the s4 in again keeps doing the same crap. So I plug in 2 X1's 2 F1's and no s4 all seems well, no issues....OK must be the s4 then. Im thinking it is done for and broke. I will note that I have been having issues with it the last 2 months or so. About every 4 gigs, Ill loose sound out of one side of my headphones, tried everything to fix that but it will still happen every so often. In the last two weeks my track load buttons and search have not been very responsive, ill have to push the 2 or 3 times before something happens, oh and on time my left pitch fader went absolutely apeshit and was going all over the place and I had to lock it at one BPM and just sync my entire gig. lol ok im sure this is alot but anyone else's s4 just break like this? Is there anything I may have been doing improperly over a period of time, like with starting it up, what plugs I use etc. so I dont break my next set of equipment to? I was litterly going to get a DJM 900 in like two weeks thats why I got the x1's so good thing im semi prepared. Alright now next step I have 3 gigs in 3 days, I can borrow my buddies mixer but I know im going to need an interface for the next 2 or 3 weeks, im thinking audio 2 or audio 6, what are the differences, what do you guys think? any feedback would be great sorry im a bit all over the place but my heads about to explode, thanks

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    Try some fader lubricant into the fader and the push buttons always worked for me. there is probably a dust and left overs from your human cells that breaks the connection with the knobs same with the fader. But do this all on your own risk.

    Just for your info i play every weekend all year on saturay and sunday on a beach with a lot of fine dust and my knobs and faders have been messed up a lot of times. But i use wd40 (always bring it with me) but most people here won't recommend it. But hey i already have this s4 since the beginning that it came out ( allmost 3 years) and still works.

    The headphone issue is a commen s4 thing if you have a option to put your headphone in mono that normally will solve this problem, or wiggle around or open s4 the headphone connector is easy to reach. But it seems these connectors are to wide and the jack doesn't make a good connection.

    Good luck with it (and try some spacing between your text it's hard to read like this)
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    Well its really not the faders or buttons as much as the fact that my macbook keeps turning it off because its taking to much USB power which I have no idea how to fix

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    Get a powered usb hub. This is the only downside to macs is that the usb ports lack full amount of power like pcs.

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