Mapping Reqd for Serato Dj 1.1 for Denon Mc 2000
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    Default Mapping Reqd for Serato Dj 1.1 for Denon Mc 2000

    Hi guys.

    Im a complete Noob to the world of Midi Controllers & maps etc. Although ive been djing using my trusty old technics for many years.

    Ive just purchased Serato dj but the maps all seem to be messed up?
    i can do certain things but not others. for example i can browse & cue tracks. But the Master volume button on my Mc2000 doesnt work? Well it does work in increasing the volume, but in serato it just stays were it is. Theres also a few other annoying things as well.

    Ive tried asking on the Serato forum but the guys there dont seem bothered about helping me out!

    Is there anyone who can help me at all on here??

    Many thanks!

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    That's probably a hardware knob which manipulate built in sound card which means it would not send MIDI to software for mappings.

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