Suggestion in buying equipment for starting DJ.
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    Default Suggestion in buying equipment for starting DJ.

    Hi guys this is my first post in this forum and im really looking into learning Djing i just recently bought a laptop for it(Lenovo Y410P with backlit keboard and very good specs!).Now i was saving for the s4bundle with the midifighter 3d and 1 x1 mk controller. but seeing that the s4 is out of stock and apparently is not coming back again... i was thinking what to do... should i just buy and s2 to start learning or wait for what NI is bringing out? and also any suggestion where should i start on this learning process would be greatly appreciated!

    Greeting from Colombia.

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    With NI slashing the prices of their hardware, I'd say that some new controllers are on the horizon, and a lot of people feel the same way. If you really can't wait, you may want to just invest in an X1 and an Audio 2. It should be enough to give you some hardware/tactile deck control, and can be utilized for a different purpose once you get a full-size controller. You'll also get your copy of Traktor Pro, so you can start learning the basics while you wait.

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