ok, here goes:

Ive been waiting eagerly for the upgrade to serato DJ since i got my twitch, however i had a serious issue on friday night at a gig.

after about an hour, i started experiencing dropouts, so did the sensible thing and increased the latency.

However, about ten minutes later, a huge burst of white noise came through the system and the twitch lost all power, i managed to switch to an ipod that i had brought for such an emergency.

I restarted the computer and still nothing by means of output, luckily i still have an old version of traktor installed and always carry my audio 2 for backup, so switched to that and tried it, i managed to get midi signal but no sound so i had to run the night on the audio 2, had no internet connection so couldnt download a tsi and had to map whilst i was playing.

took it into a repair shop today and they said that they couldnt find anything wrong with it! ran it for about 2 hours today each on both itch and dj and the problem wouldnt come back!

anyone have any ideas?

please though can no-one suggest switching to tractor, as i normally use ssl with cdjs and only use the itch for gigs that dont have any of their own equipment, all my crates and history are in serato and its just easier for me that way.

thanks in advance x

EDIT: computer used, late 2008 15" mbp