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    Default stopping on Technics 1200s

    Hi, I bought some used technics 1200s and love them to death however i have a little bit of extra money right now and would like to spend some time cleaning them up. both are in need of new pitch faders and are missing some rubber feet etc. However one of my decks doesn't stop completely when I hit the stop button. I hit it and the platter almost completely stops but then still rotates for about a second after. Its very annoying if you are trying to throw in turntable stops or something into a set. If this was not clear enough I can make a video showing what I mean. Thanks for the help!

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    Motor stop speed on 1200/12010's is fully adjustable.

    You need to remove the platter and the plastic motor cover. On the right hand side of the PCB is a variable pot labelled "BRAKE" this adjusts the brake. Play with it until you are happy.

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