Master out TRS vs Master out XLR (bal.)
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    Question Master out TRS vs Master out XLR (bal.)

    Sorry, I am new to this topic and need a bit of help. What is the difference between master out and master out (bal.)?

    Does one sound better or different than the other?

    I currently have the VCI-400 connected via TRS master out to a pair of KRK's and want to get the best quality sound. THANK YOU!

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    Both are balanced cables - only the connector is different. Both cables will sound the same.

    I beleive the Vci-400 has "unbalanced" TS out and balanced XLR outs. There is no "R"ing and therefore the line is not balanced but TRS cables will work just fine. The balanced XLR outs will allow for less interference with long cable runs and reduce the chance of a ground loop issue when connecting to a poorly setup/grounded sound system. You will not have these issues when connecting to your krks. Use the XLR out when gigging and either at home.
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