Hello! (I apologize right away for the confusing writing, I'm new to all of this and I kinda have no idea what I'm talking about)

I started kinda recently with making music on my computer, earlier I've only been behind the drums so I really don't have any clue about all of this.
Currently I only have a Maschine Mikro Mk2 and I love it so far, I've been wanting to do some 80's-style darksynth music like Perturbator and similar artists.
The thing is that it's kinda hard to do this kind of music with only a mikro, so I've been thinking about getting Lemur and the SL-M1 content for my iPad so I can use it to controll effects inside the Maschine software. I've also been checking around for a nice, cheap MIDI-synth and maybe a usb-microphone or such but I have no idea what to look for.
(Sorry for the confusing writing)
I also need a new soundcard, since the built-in soundcard on my motherboard is barely enough to let me use Maschine with a rather minimal amount of sounds and groups playing at the same time. So I was thinking - Is it smarter to go for a rather cheap external soundcard and then use a XLR-microphone?

I feel like I'm totally loosing the thread here. Basically - I have a Maschine, I want a MIDI-Synth, a microphone and a external soundcard to power it without Maschine starting to clip and make weird noises. Can you guys maybe recommend a good, cheap external soundcard?

I've had my eyes on this synth:http://www.thomann.de/gb/m_audio_axiom_air_mini_32.htm

But I don't know anything about soundcards whatsoever, I need a rather cheap one that can handle a maschine, a midi-synth, a microphone and ofc output.