Batch BPM Tag Doubling
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    Default Batch BPM Tag Doubling

    Okay, so I am pretty sure a lot of us have had this problem before, but Traktor appears to like cutting the BPM of a lot of songs in half when it analyzes them. Regrettably, I just not found the "Minimum BPM" feature, and I now have a /lot/ of tracks with their tags reading half of their actual BPM.

    Now for my question: is it possible to select a group of songs and double the value of their BPM tag, or do I have to continue doing it all by hand?
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    I don't think there is a batch double BPM function. However your best would probably be to do as you said. Set the minimum BPM in Traktor and then highlight all the songs with the 1/2 BPMs and re-analyze them. You'll lose any grid corrections you might have done to them, but I assume you haven't as then they'd have the correct BPM.
    Hope this helps

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