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    Hi all! i need some help as im going trying to get a job at a local club here. the bar manager has a position for thursday, friday, and saturday nights. ive played a crap ton of house partys and a few club events where they switch djs out every hour and a half and i feel like im technically up to it but im kind of nervous about playing for 5 hours 3 nights a week. My main concern is that i play alot of "edm" and top 40. I dont really know what to expect in a club setting where i play 3 nights a week. anyone have any pointers or advice for me?

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    Ask the manager what he expects you to play. Maybe go there on a night in which you'd be staged and check out the crowd, see what they're playing currently and if people are vibing out to it. If you go there and country is on the jukebox and everyone is loving it, you may want to reconsider. For a set that long at a local bar you're going to be expected to hit every genre of music to keep everyone happy. Playing EDM from 9pm-2am will probably drive people crazy.

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