When does the creativity happen?
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    Default When does the creativity happen?

    I was wondering, for the producers, at what times do you guys find creativity? I know a few who does it is very systematically. They will sit down in the morning after a cup of coffee/tea and pull up a track by noon-ish. For me, it doesn't happen that way. I usually come up with a sound out of the blue. Usually at a very random and inconvenient time when I am not in front of my computer, like...at work -__-.

    So when does it happen for you guys? And what do you guys do to help find creativity?
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    TBH, creativity strikes any moment. that's why you have to have something that can record like your mobile phone or a compact recorder, pen and notebook.

    I look for inspiration. i get off the net and walk around the park or village, stop and hang out by a crowded street or market, etc... sometimes the tiniest of details can become the greatest ideas.
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    For me, the creativity strikes, when I have absolutely NOTHING to do! No stuff to do in the household, no shopping, no TV Show, kind of bored.
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