Novation Twitch back from the Dead
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    Default Novation Twitch back from the Dead

    So a while back my Twitch controller completely kicked the bucket mid gig with no given reason. I tried everything in my power to get it to work again. I even gave it to some repair shops around the area to see if they could figure it out. Nothing worked.
    Today, four months later, I saw Serato DJ had support for it. So I jokingly plugged it in and BOOM it lit up full flare and initialized in Serato DJ.

    Any idea as to why and how that happened?

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    Maybe a loose connection that got knocked back into place and may imminently get knocked back out at any given time?

    or some driver problem that you inadvertently rectified, god only knows that happens a lot.
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    Sounds like drivers to me. Happened once to me but a reinstall of the software and the Twitch fired up again.
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