Suggested Songs for a Homecoming Dance?
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    Default Suggested Songs for a Homecoming Dance?

    Hi everyone,

    I'm preparing for DJ'ing my high-school's homecoming dance that will be happening next month. I figured I should start looking through my collection to find some appropriate songs to play for the event. This isn't a fancy dance, it's actually more of a school hosted party.

    I usually mix progressive and electro-house, but this is a bit of a mainstream crowd; they'll probably be wanting the usual top 40 pop songs. I would like to 'introduce' them to some house style music, but I also have to keep them happy. Playing prog house for the night would be a risk.

    Does anybody know of some good house remixes of the big players in the pop industry? I think this might be the way to go; I can keep the people happy with songs they recognize and (at the same time) introduce them to house.

    Also, has anybody been in this kind of situation before? If so, how did you handle it and what was the experience like? Are there any pro-tips to mixing pop with house?

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    It seems like the younger the crowd the more "house" you can get away with. To make it work you re more than likely will still have to play songs that are more popular. House remixes of popular songs IS NOT a replacement. In your case I would suggest listening to the radio to get ideas, and don't forget about older popular songs that probably aren't gettin radio air play. My guess is you'll probably be able to get away with just playing popular songs in the beginning, then transition into house with the occasional sprinkle of some popular songs in between. Obviously it all depends on the taste of the crowd from the area you live. Best of luck

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    You're going to need slow songs too unless things have changed drastically from when I was in high school. (which is a possibility given it was 20 years ago) Considered a DJ pool to download some of the latest top 40ish stuff if you don't already have it?

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    Top 40, some classic 90's hip hop, and they love the 80's stuff. Slow dances every 7-8 songs so they can all dance with their 'sweetheart'.

    Keep it moving. Beat matching and some cool effects are nice, but they care more about song selection and flow than how fancy everything sounds.

    I wouldn't worry about 'introducing them to your music'. Homecomings are for the kids, not what you want to teach them. You could definately get away with some nice accapella's overtop of a nice hard base line though.
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