Audio 8 + Audio 2 = Audio 10? (for xone92 + maschine setup)
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    Default Audio 8 + Audio 2 = Audio 10? (for xone92 + maschine setup)

    Hey guys,

    I recently upgraded from the kontrol s4 to the xone 92 recently, and a friend of mine was getting rid of his audio 8 on the cheap, so I picked that up as well. My old set up was an S4 + Maschine, however I had to sacrifice a track deck for a live input to use maschine. With the 92 and the audio 8 I am planning on using 4 track decks, but I would also like to use the mic input for maschine. The problem is that the the audio 8 only has 4 outs. If I buy an audio 2, would that allow me to use maschine + 4 track decks routed into the 92? Or should I just trade up to an audio 10?

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    as long as you're not using timecode, i dont see why it wouldnt work.
    Just aggregate your soundcards together
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    If you're recording externally (not in Traktor), you may not even have to aggregate them.
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