Non Certified Traktor Mixers
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    Default Non Certified Traktor Mixers

    I saw this on youtube, Someone using a non certified tractor mixer running dvs.. very cool.

    I was wondering if anyone has tried this out with the vci400 ege. I bring this controller up specifically because of the firmware.

    Please don't chop my head off for posting this. I own an audio 8 and am a proud paying customer.
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    We dont talk about 'workarounds' here

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    We don't HELP people with workarounds here There have been a few examples of people talking about it, mostly in the past before everyone realised that you need to play around with a hex editor to do it

    In all seriousness, I've done this with a Hercules RMX, which is actually quite a nice little DVS platform. I imagine the Mk2 would be even nicer.
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    anything is possble.
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