USB 3.0 (5gbps transfer full duplex)
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    Default USB 3.0 (5gbps transfer full duplex)

    Ed. anyone have any ideas on how this could affect us? midi ain't much to move, but perhaps latency might drop on soundcards?
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    At the moment it doesn't mean a thing. Without devices on both ends supporting it, USB 2 is the best you can do. I suppose a USB 3 sounds card and hub might be a little quicker, but without your PC/Mac supporting USB 3, there's no difference.

    This makes me very curious as to when PC motherboard fabs and Macs are going to have USB 3. Might be a good time to wait a little.
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    it would be cool if wireless protocols stepped up their transfer speeds. bluetooth soundcards, controllers, headphones (these are already a reality though).. imagine never having to deal with cable management. i think it's where the emphasis should be. just like the Clear networks are working replace all forms of "physical" DSL/cable/fiberoptic lines and turn internet access into a huge wifi network. / /
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