Hey guys I've been busting my ass in the studio for production and now I've transitioned to DJing. I have two CDJs, a mixer and an a4 audio box but aside from just beatmatching the CDJs I want to get really familiar with Traktor as I also have an X1 and will me mapping my MPD32 to use similarly to the intention of the F1.

I'm looking for guys who have used Traktor for a while/DJ in general who I can hit up every once in awhile when I have a question. I'm not annoying and have social skills so I won't piss you off. Ideally if you have Skype that would be great because if I run into a jam we could just quickly screenshare and part ways in 2-3minutes.

Anybody who's willing to help a dude who ignores girls so he can learn/practice/produce more (dat focus) either drop your skype in here, pm me or tell me to pm you and I will.

Thanks in advance, cheers.

ps, skype is apoplexy17, feel free to add me