What's your fav analogue mixer?
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    Default What's your fav analogue mixer?


    Just as the title says, what is your is favourite analogue mixer to use with your digital setup? I just sold my Pioneer DJM-3000, and am now looking for a replacement. I have a few in mind, but I wanted to see if maybe I had missed a gem out there =)
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    I would say my current mixer. Behringer DDM 4000. Have used a DJM 800 and Xone 92 (great mixers) but for the price i cant go past my behringer. had it since it was released and never had a problem with it. extremely flexible with audio and midi.

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    Formula Sound PM-90

    Luv the Allen & Heath Sound but don't dig the 4 eq thang, also I hate the way the faders are really only usable the on about 20% of its course ... No point in having 100mm faders if you realy only use 20mm.

    Is it just me or are mixers cutting way to much, and boosting way to little + the faders are more and more logaritmic and less linear (progressive)???

    I'm I just getting old and ranty!? EQ should +-15Db or even 12db ... faders should be smooth and progressive otherwise just use a bl**dy on switch


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    my PMC-CX ;P
    only issue i have nowadays is that there is only 3 channels on it, but I use the sub line for the last deck so I got 4 anyway
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