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    Default Kontrol Z2 mixer

    So i bought a Kontrol Z2 and im using a laptop that my dad gave me it has good specs just one problem. It does not have windows 7 and the software that comes with the Kontrol Z2 does not allow you to use it unless you have windows 7. I am looking for a program that I can use it with. Currently the programs i have are DJ Intro by serato(came with a control i got for christmas[numark mixtrack pro]) and I have a program suggested by a friend called virtual DJ home free(If i can use the mixer with this program please let me know how.)

    I would appreciate it that when you suggest a program tell me if there is a specific way i need to "sync" the program and mixer, and if not tell me if i can just plug it in and go!
    Thanks for all the help!

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    If it has good specs it should run Windows 7 fine. You really don't want to use a Z2 without Traktor.
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    Quote Originally Posted by makar1 View Post
    If it has good specs it should run Windows 7 fine. You really don't want to use a Z2 without Traktor.
    +1 its completely pointless even owning a Z2 unless you are using Traktor.

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    Either buy win 7 for 100 or try to [ EDITED ] Win 7 is the best and the z2 of course is made to work withtraktor.
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