HEy there,

sorry if this topic is already here, but I didnīt manage to find exactly what I need.

Iīve got following setup:

2x Pioneer CDJ 1000, 2-channel Reloop mixer, external sound card ESI Maya44 USB, laptop w/ Win 7 and Virtual DJ Pro

I just want to use my CDJs as controllers of VDJ, so I managed to connect everything together, and it should be correctly connected according to the guide on youtube.

I VDJ application, I choose timecodes as an input, external mixer as output, and 4channel external soundcard is also properly installed and selected.

I burnt timecode CDs from VDJ website, they are normally working when I put them in.

But, I dont know what to do next, in order to start playing music from laptop and controlling them with my CDJs through the VDJ application?

I would really appreciate your help, I am desperate over this, thank you.