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    Default goovemixer TSi Editing Help am using groovemixers tsi and i need help editing 2 commands. Normally I feel confindent editing tsi but this one is massive. I was seeing if someone can help me edit the remix sample buttons to play 1 shots without having it to mute then play. When the sample plays I have to shut if off to replay, I just cant fix it without messing something else up.

    The next thing is i would like the jog wheels to act more like vinyl, as of right now pitch bend is on the sides and the top of the platter. Can someone please edit this so vinyl mode is active from the top of the platter, I dont use sync and this is vital for me. by vinyl mode i mean like when you can stop the music with your hand and push songs in when the play button is on. traditional vinyl feel.

    Im sorry to ask this upon anyone. I have been trying to edit this tsi all day and cant get anywhere with it.

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