Ableton 9 and traktor with internal mixing?
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    Default Ableton 9 and traktor with internal mixing?

    Hi folks,

    I'm following dj endos tutorial on syncing traktor with ableton live, and on the second step he instructs to switch the output routing in traktor to external mixing. I'm using an unusual set up which actually depends on internal mixing and I'm wondering if anyone knows how crucial this step is to the process....
    Traktor/Ableton /Komplete /MBP OSX el capitan

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    it will just affect how many outputs you'll be able to make use of in ableton. essentially you'll just have a master out and another channel for cue. unless you don't need a cue.
    if you're just midi controlling the eq and filter section, that can be reproduced with other tools in ableton channels.

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