Hello DJTT community, simple question. I have a few weddings coming up in the next 2 months that require multiple setups in different areas, that being the case, I know I will have to purchase more equipment (I considered renting, but I have around 5 weddings in the next 6 months so whats the point if I run into this again). I currently own 2 JBL 515XT and a 618XLF sub. Instinct tells me to pick up another pair of 515xts as they've come down in price significantly when I first purchased them, or consider another option and expanding on sound with the new 700 series. I don't only do weddings, I host large events in the Ft. Lauderdale and Orlando area roughly once a month, my biggest being a block party which I think is going to need a hell of a lot more power.

tl; dr: Need more speakers, buy same 515xt or upgrade for down the road.

Thank you again