Pls help me for finding a PC software that can do remix + medley
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    Default Pls help me for finding a PC software that can do remix + medley


    I am a starter with VCI-400 / NI Traktor and I liked to remix those 80s classic songs (Yazoo, Duran etc..) in my Windows system by using ACID Pro in the old days. And Recently, I'd like to resume my remix / medley hobby and I'd like to seek you guys' advises on choosing a software. Again, I will not use VCI-400 just hand editing.

    The software should have multi-track (at least 4) which if I can lay song A on track-a and then lay song B on track-2... The software can auto sync the BPM for me. And also, if I wanted to create a medley, the software should have a tempo track for me to change tempo from 120 to 128 on bar 64 for instance.

    I tried to search from the Internet for 3 days and I didn't find any DAW or software which can auto sync tracks automatically. Pls advise.


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    None can sync perfectly straight off, but gridding only takes 2/3 minutes at a PUSH in ableton.
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    i'd say ableton too
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    Nothing is nearly that simple nowadays. Closest thing I could think of would be getting an x1 and f1 from NI and doing live versions of mash ups with the remix decks in traktor.

    Otherwise I would learn ableton!

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