I'm currently building a custom DJ table. My design incorporates backlighting frosted plexiglass to spell out the Technics logo and not having any experience with lighting, i was curious what would be bright enough. The lights will be enclosed in a 42"X12"X10" "box" so appearance isnt important. I just want the plexiglass to be lit evenly (not bright in the middle to dim at the edges. Ive seen the flexible LED strips but worry they wont be bright enough as they only have a single row.

So in summary my main questions are...
1.Would a single row of LEDs be bright enough... (or two or three)

2. If not, what would be a better option?

3. Where would be the best place to shop for this sort of thing?

Appearance doesn't matter since it will be hidden anyways, and any mounting issues i can deal with. Also need it to have an AC adapter or just plug in. Thanks for any suggestions/advice!