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    Hey all! I need some fast help.

    I recently got a residency at a college night club. (whee! Seriously though, it's great.) There is a private event tonight for a local bank branch's awards night. It's a 20-50 year old spread and I'm club DJ. I found this out on fairly short notice that it'll be an 'older' crowd thank what I tune my style for. I have ProgHouse, ElectroHouse, some Top 40, TechHouse and things like that. What the hell should I do tonight?! I am totally panicking as I am not this kind of DJ, but I still want this to be a fun event for the crowd. HALP.
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    I always find disco house is good for events where theres a really wide age range, literally everyone digs it
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    In the UK we have a compilation series called the NOW! that's what I call music that essentially compile the last three months of pop into two discs, obviously in America the songs would be different but surely there would be some similar compilation, I would suggest having those at hand. Also, all the cheesy party tracks are going to be needed, nothing beats the "final hour cheese marathon", the more cheddar the better!
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    I have a chill out / funk (and stuff) set that I generally play for those occasions. I sneak in a few house tracks though...
    This one is golden everytime

    this one is good too.

    I usually play this one too

    Hope that helps

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    Classic 80's goes over well with that age range. Or some good current remixes of 80's tunes. Also look at the mobile beat top 100.

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    80's = blue monday. works everytime

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