how to activate 14 bit midi?
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    Default how to activate 14 bit midi?

    hey all, been a closet reader of these forums for ages and alot of the threads have helped me out loads

    but ive got really confused with 14 bit midi :S
    ive bought a denon dns1200 and a friend of mine told me it supports 14 bit midi, but im not sure how to actually "activate it" in traktor or vdj :S
    is there a special midi command i should be using to enable it or should it just work automatically?

    if anyone has any ideas please let me know! :P

    (another thing actually while im at it, ive used the denon dns1200 in virtual dj and all the assignments seem to be pretty much spot on, but in traktor the included .tsi file isnt as good as i would have hoped :\
    has anyone made a custom file for this unit on these forums?
    id program it myself but i suck at trying to program devices with midi :P)

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    you've got nothing to activate. if the software you use recognizes 14 bit datas , it will detect it when you learn a controller...

    if you take a little time trying to figure out a personnal mapping , it'll will be more enjoyable than someone else mapping and it is not difficult to do.

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