I've recently purchased two new X1's
For me the touchstrip seems very unresponsive, especially in comparison to pioneer product counterparts.
I can put the tip of my finger on it and move it around without it even reacting.
To get any form of response i have to place my finger flat on it and move relatively fast to get responses.. slow movement and low contact area yields no response.. this is very problematic when needledropping, bending, placing cues.. basically all the functions of the strip..
I've tried moving the sensitivity controls around, no improvement. It seem to me like it's the unit that doesn't "see/track" my finger very well..

Any ideas on how to improve on this are very welcome!
I'm currently using TP 2.6.3 on a usb 3.0 retina mac with an Audio 8 and firmware 11 on the controllers.

Thank you in advance