Hello everyone,

I just signed up for this awesome forum and I already have a question for you guys:

Currently Im playing with a Kontrol S4 and with a MacBook Pro. Im using Deck A, B and C (Deck D is for external Sources e.g. Microphone). I dont use the Remix Decks at all because they not fit my style of Djing and not the type of music im playing.

Now Im thinking about a new Setup: Buying a Kontrol Z2 with two Turntables both running via Timecode in Traktor. As an additional little FX control unit im was thinking about a Kontrol X1 Mk2.
Can I still use Deck A, B and C with the Z2? Or is it only for A, B and the Remix Decks (which im not using)?

I hope you guys understand my question, feel free to ask me anything about it if not.

Thanks, Parasite.