Easy all, nice to meet you.

I've been using Serato for the last three or four years, after a preceding ten on vinyl and CDJ800's. I've recently become increasingly aware of the benefits of Traktor, particularly after a mate bought an S4 and I've had a good look at the software, and I'm wondering what combination of hardware can best help me achieve my needs. Hopefully someone doesn't mind helping out?

My 1210's started to die a while ago so these days I use my CDJ's, however the biggest issue for me as a DJ is the limitations of mixing 120-130bpm bracket stuff using controllers with a 0.05% pitch resolution (of course meaning constant pitch chasing back and forth). Now, I'm aware Traktor has its sync function but while it may one day prove insurmountably attractive to me, for now I'm quite keen to hang onto my beat-matching. The problem is I'm also in no way prepared to stop using my mixer, as my A&H62 is something I'm very attached to!

Obviously if I bought an S4 then I could continue to beat-match using the faders on that, but seeing as I'm keeping the Allen and Heath, what can I do? I have been thinking of buying a pair of X1 mk2's, but I get the impression these are only viable when used with sync (?). Could one possibly map the software's pitch faders to the X1's somehow? Or would an alternative piece of kit make this easier?

I guess alternatives would be to purchase CDJ's with a closer pitch resolution, or midi-enabled ones where I could map Traktor's pitch to their pitch faders, but seeing as this is an impossibly expensive solution = fail.

Sorry to be a noob, and thanks.