I have been encountering a weird issue with my 4trak controller a lot lately and it's becoming rather irritating considering the controller is only a couple months old. I will be playing and all of the sudden the music suddenly has a tinny, metallic distortion. Sometimes it's only 1 channel, sometimes its both. It seems the only way to make it stop is power the 4trak off and on again or unplug and replug the USB. Unfortunately I've only seen 1 or 2 other users encountering this problem so Numark doesn't offer much in a diagnosis. Their advice is the same for the majority of people's technical issues; "uninstall previous driver/install current one from their website. Make sure computer is optimized for DJ performance and restart traktor" which I have done multiple times, which seems to work for a limited time before it starts up again. Doesn anyone have an idea or encountered this problem and offer some assistance???