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    Default Newsletter & Soundpacks

    I have not gotten this.. I have an account and i have purchased gear from DJTT.

    Is there a separate login for this?

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    I didn't received mine in a three weeks. When have you signed up?

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    Hey Troy

    Go to and check if the newsletter checkbox is active.

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    Default Soundpacks missing ?


    i signed up for the Newsletter when i bought my first MF,
    i was thinking i always miss soundpacks because the emails go to spam or something, i made everything that this cannot happen anymore from my side, but it did !

    I kept up very well since Pack 27 and only missed Pack 31 for whatever reason ?!...

    I bought an MF Spectra inbetween and enjoyed the Packs very much for practicing

    but now it happened onesmore

    i got mail for Rocktobers Pack: Hard Times on a Friday (Pack 40)
    i got mail for Halloween Pack: Mad Method (Pack 41)
    i got mail for Black Fridays Pack: Trumpet Plucker (Pack 43)

    so i missed Pack 42 inbetween ?! checked my mails inbox and spam several times, it didnt come...

    Do u not release all Packs via the Newsletter ?

    i was thinking i have an Mailserver Problem since i bought my First Midifighter and missed packs all the time !

    The Packs i received via Mail are:

    Pack 01 Old Space Tripper
    Pack 03 Lower Haight Cypher
    Pack 07 Layerz upon Layerz
    Pack 07 Lazer Bay Promo
    Pack 14 Murda Pack
    Pack 16 Silk Trade & Whistleblowers
    Pack 21 Blaptism Pack
    Pack 24 Reposessed by the Government
    Pack 25 Lab Nap Pack
    Pack 26 Satchmo to the Mo
    Pack 28 I been crunk a long time
    Pack 29 How to make a Soundpack
    Pack 30 Mac Zad Pack
    Pack 32 Hundredaire
    Pack 33 Tinker Hell
    Pack 34 Andes Pack
    Pack 35 Boiler Pack
    Pack 36 Flutes from the Darkside
    Pack 37 Memory Lake
    Pack 38 Romulous Pack
    Pack 39 Back of the Caddy
    Pack 40 Hard Times on a Friday
    Pack 41 Mad Method
    Pack 43 Trumpet Plucker

    So i missed Packs: 02, 04, 05, 06, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 17, 18 19, 20, 22, 23, 27, 31, 42

    i dont get it ... please clear it up for me Guys !

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    Default One Question

    I am new to the whole newsletter thing, and am wondering how can I get packs like Tinker's hell, if anyone could help me with this that would be great because I need them.

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