Traktor Sample Decks; pitch all over the place. Help!
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    Default Traktor Sample Decks; pitch all over the place. Help!

    So I've made a series of DJ IDs and drops in Logic. They've all 24bit .wav files.

    For some reason, when I drop these into the sample decks in traktor, it almost seems like their pitch is arbitrarily changed. In one session, I'll load them up, and some may play at normal pitch while others are pitched way up and sped up. And in another session, I may load them up, and they'll all play slower and pitched down.

    I thought that maybe it was due to the decks being sync'd to whatever deck sets the master tempo, but that doesn't seem to be it, as the issue persists even when I load up the samples BEFORE loading up any tracks in A or B.

    Any ideas? I've got a gig coming up on 10/17 and these drops are a huge part of the show (it's kind of a tongue-in-cheek hip hop act where the two MCs conversate with the DJ and the DJ always replies in details in his drops).

    Thanks guys!

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    If it's synced to Master clock, then it won't matter if any tracks are loaded elsewhere. It will still sync to the Master. Make sure you deselect sync from the remix decks and make sure pitch fader is null

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    Yup, sounds like you're synched to the master. Also turn on the keylock to avoid pitch changes, just make sure the BPM of the remix deck content isn't too far off of the original BPM.

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