Advice: Becoming A Full Time Club DJ
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    Default Advice: Becoming A Full Time Club DJ

    Hey guys. I need some advice. I'm a 22 year old DJ from Virginia Beach. I have a full time job, and DJing is my passion. It's more of a part-time thing right now but I really want to quit my job and DJ at clubs full time.

    Does anyone have experience as a full-time club DJ? I've DJ'd at a club before but it was for free. How much do club DJ's get paid (at small clubs)? Is it enough to live off of? We have a lot of clubs here. I'm working on making a 30 minute mix and handing it out everywhere as soon as possible.

    Any advice for me to help me get started?


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    Quote Originally Posted by devpeck1 View Post
    Any advice for me to help me get started?
    Don't do it.

    I've been playing for years with work on most weekends and it's still not even close to enough to survive off. I'd suggest just working on getting some gigs and keeping the full time job, if it takes off and you think you could survive on the income go for it, but as I'm sure many others on here will say as well, it's unlikely, especially without a helluva CV to back it up.

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    unless you become a superstar dj playing gigs on a large scale then quit your day job.

    but if its a once a week kind of thing, might as well keep it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by devpeck1 View Post
    I have a full time job, and DJing is my passion.
    Keep the job. Keep the job. Keep the job. Keep the job.
    Oh...and keep DJing too.

    First, having a steady income is REALLY nice.
    Second, having a steady income will help you to afford all the toys you find and discover you can not live without.
    Third, having to actually prioritize your time in order to invest in DJing is a GOOD may help you to latch onto your passion and put the time in.

    AND...if all else fails, you'll have something to put on your resume as you move onto your next job.,1133/
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    Your not getting regular PAID gigs,
    Your not getting regular gigs
    You dont hold down a residency,

    Keep the job.
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    Agreed with the guys above! Don't do it!

    I'v had the same day job for the last 6 years and at some points have been djing 4 nights a week and raking it then dropping to as little as a gig every 2 month.

    Always keep a job that you can rely on earning a decent amount week in week out!

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    The BEST way to make a living off of DJ'ing is as a mobile jock.

    Weddings, birthdays, aniversaries, etc, ALL pay the bills.

    You'll still be able to play in some clubs occassionally to boost your ego, but it's the paying jobs (JOB does not equal GIG) that will keep you doing what you love for a living.

    BUT - being a mobile jock is HARD GODDAMN WORK. Lot's of bumping and lifting, and you'll need great marketing and social skills.
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    Don't mean to be rude, but if as you said you've had one gig in a club, and it was for free.

    Your seriously asking how to make it a full time job? Keep your day job.

    And the fact you don't even know how much you would get paid, or hold a residency, think your being a bit premature with the question.
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    Hey devpeck1,

    I can relate with what you're going through right now. You're passionate about DJ'ing and you aspire to one day quit your 9-5 job, be able to live your dreams and make a living doing what you love to do. My advice for you is that if this is really something you're serious about doing, make a plan and set goals for yourself. Take the necessary steps towards what you want to do. Realize that it's going to take time, it's going to be a long journey, and there won't be any "guidelines" to help you along the way.

    There's going to be setbacks and sacrifices you're going to have to make. Understand that it took them 10+ years of blood, sweat, and tears until the DJs you look up to now became successful. Know your why, the reason you're doing it and that will help you when you loose faith or find people who don't support your dreams. Do the work, research what you need to do to accomplish whatever it is you want, and most importantly don't give up!

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