Connecting studio monitors via MIDI mixer
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    Default Connecting studio monitors via MIDI mixer


    I recently purchased a pair of PreSonus Eris 8's and I was wondering if I could connect these to my 13" macbook through my PIONEER DDJ ERGO and no other soundcard? On the PIONEER site it does say that this also functions as an 'audio interface', but I don't really know what that means.

    I would like to use these to produce through Logic without having to purchase another soundcard. They do work perfectly when connected to the mixer and then used on Virtual DJ LE, but not through iTunes or anything else.

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    @op, please do not post multiple threads with same concern/topic/. wait for your post to appear as they are being moderated by the mods.
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    If its like my s4, connect it via USB to your laptop, go to system preferences, sound, then in sound output, select the DDJ Ergo soundcard and you should be good to go. Hook up your speakers to the ergo and you're set.

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