Hope someone can tell me if such a setup is possible below...

I'm looking to run a VCI 380 and an SL3 (when supported in Feb 2014) in Serato DJ or in scratch live now in combination so that I can run four virtual decks and record at the same time.

If I use a two channel mixer (DJTech DIF1S) with two TT plugged as my first two tables hooked up to the SL3 and the VCI 380 as my 3rd and forth decks am I able to record through the other input of the SL3 or would I have to connect the VCI 380 someone to the SL3.

I also have a DJM 3000 with four channels available. I'm not too good with the hardware connections so if I'm completely out to lunch let me know.

Buying a SL4 or supported controller/mixer for four channels is not an option due to $ right now.