Hey DJTT family! Just wanted to drop in and announce the launch of my new weekly talk radio podcast The Studio Warrior Podcast! I have wanted to do something like this for awhile and with the motivation and help of some friends and the inspiration I find from this blog/forum quite often, I finally got it launched! The Studio Warrior Podcast is aimed for music lovers and those looking for help, wisdom, advice, motivation, or just a good laugh.

A quick rundown.. It is a talk radio which will be live weekly on mixlr. My cohost and myself will have frequent guests all ranging in their professions but with the aim towards the dj. We will have artists, djs, managers, record label owners, promoters, bar owners, etc. all come in and drop wisdom and great conversations.

The first two episodes we really were still working out kinks and such in the podcast. Episode 3 really is where it takes off. Episode 4 has our first guest who dj's for a college university, is a full time musician, producer, and has a family! Very interested stories and great inspiration from him!

I will not be spamming this forum with every episode, but felt that many of the DJTT family could benefit from something like this. I personally know when I first started out I always wanted to hear success stories and behind the scene knowledge from anyone who had information to give and this podcast is now my way to bring that knowledge to you guys. The mixlr will be your access to ask our guests live questions but the podcast will be uploaded to itunes the next day incase you miss the live broadcast! Thank you all so much for your inspiration to get this project up and running!

If you like it please subscribe and rate it on itunes!