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    Default breakdowns?

    so im just learning, trying to learn to mix trance... do you guys generally mix at the breakdowns? I know it deepends on feeling it, just curious if i should use my hot cues to hop to the next part before the breakdown or just mix another track.just need a general rule of thumb

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    start mixing about 2/3 through the track but AFTER the breakdown (if it has one)
    trance is a style that does not encourage beatjumping and such
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    You spelled Tarnce wrong.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jamesdolecek View Post
    just need a general rule of thumb
    The 'rule of thumb' is that there is no 'rule of thumb'. Depends on the track in question.

    The breakdown in a track is often the pivot before the most exciting bit of the track. I generally hate it when a DJ ends a track early and brings a new one in at the breakdown. To me it shows that the DJ is more interested in what he wants to do/hear and is getting bored and is less interested in what the crowd want to hear.
    I know a guy that cuts tracks off all the time and it pisses people off cus he often misses out the best bit of a tune. Then again he is barely a DJ anyway, I just use him as an example of a bad DJ doing a bad job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karlos Santos View Post
    The 'rule of thumb' is that there is no 'rule of thumb'. Depends on the track in question.
    True, though I've noticed that with a lot of newer tracks in other genres, the breakdown is just a filler before the song repeats itself. For these type of tracks I generally like to mix out using the breakdown.

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