Dicer - Shift Lock & Transmit Mode Button Events
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    Default Dicer - Shift Lock & Transmit Mode Button Events


    I think I have trawled the forums here exhaustively enough to be fairly confident this topic has not been discussed in depth here. Apologies if I've just missed the appropriate thread.

    I would like to engage the 'Shift Lock Timeout' & 'Transmit Mode Button Events' functionality described in the Programmer's Reference for the Dicers. My main purpose for this would be to explore the possibilities for toggle rather than hold shift functionality. I've found the hold-shift is not ergonomic considering the compact size of the Dicers (and I'd prefer not to burn a main button on this purpose now that I've seen its possible at the hardware level). So, a few questions pertaining to this problem.

    1) Is there a turn-key solution to flash the hex messages to the dicers w/o needing to be a coder (I hold my own where MIDI mapping is concerned but Pure Data was way above my capacity when I had a cursory look at that option)? Or has anyone written a script for this for their own purposes that they'd be willing to share?

    2) I did come across the dicetools utility in my research but was disappointed to discover that the settings don't hold over reconnection & that only the Shift-Lock function was present. Does anyone know if the 'advanced computer to dicer' functions will need to be flashed to the devices upon each connection? Or is it possible to toggle this functionality permanently on the hardware?

    3) Is it possible to control the mode button LEDs on their output channel as with the main buttons (Traktor)? I'd love to be able to have the shift state display at 50% and the top layer at 100%.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Quote Originally Posted by customs
    I'd love to be able to have the shift state display at 50% and the top layer at 100%.
    I like your thinking... I know this can be done on main buttons - but I'm not sure about the mode buttons.

    I'll be keeping an eye on this thread...
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