What do these 2 lights mean?
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    Default What do these 2 lights mean?

    when i press my second X1's FX buttons, i noticed this small orange light comes on next to them, but it doesnt happen on my first X1 -

    photo 1.jpgphoto 2.jpg

    any ideas what this is?

    (i did remap my second X1 so that when i press the FX buttons they turn fx units 1 & 2 on and off, not 3 and 4)

    Thanks for any help and advice


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    You're using default mapping? Is your unit A button off before you press unit C button on a second controller?

    Makes me think NI put that small arrow there to indicate all four unit button display in a single controller. Would also mean you can that you can access C and D from a single controller - probably by using Shift button.

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    Ah right that would make sense I think.

    As long as it's not doing anything that could become a problem then that's fine.

    I'll put 4 fx units up and see if I can work it out.

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