To Swap or not Swap?
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    Default To Swap or not Swap?

    Hey all,

    Currently got a vci 100 - 1.3FW (arcade mod) Traktor Pro


    Considering selling it and getting a VCI 300?

    What would I gain and what would I lose from doing this?

    Any 1 used/got the vfx 1 (vestax effects unit)

    All advice much appreciated

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    What do you gain - 14 bit midi on the jog wheels, pitch fader, larger jog wheels

    What do you lose - some buttons, particularly less transport buttons (2 on the VCI-300 vs 4 on the VCI-100), some knobs

    I have both a VCI-300 and a VCI-100, the main thing that cheezes me off about the VCI-300 is the lack of transport buttons, thats a real killer IMHO - i am so used to the 4 transport buttons on my VCI-100 (and to be honest i even think 4 transport buttons is not enough, id like 6)

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