So I am making the convert from Traktor to Serato and so far honestly ...I'm having mixed emotions and it's leaning towards going back to Traktor. First off not having a Midi mappable CUE function/button besides the Cue points is a huge letdown. In my opinion looping setup in Traktor is 100x better than Serato's. But i'll move onto the real issue at hand, besides the other headaches.

As im going through and setting up all the Midi mappings i notice that my Korg Nano control will not map to certain things. Mainly ,from what i've seen thus far, just most looping functions. Such as 1/2X & 2x, which would also be awesome to Midi map to a knob for fast and easy size selection. These functions will map to my Maschine Mikro just fine. Whats even weirder is that the Korg's same buttons that wont map to the loop functions map fine to things like pitch bend + & - . Was wondering what the deal with this is? I tested my Korg and it works perfectly in Ableton and Traktor.

I hope I've explained the issue well enough.