Okay this is part gripe and part inquiry.

Using ableton and traktor z2. There seems to be no way of using timecode when using aggregate/soundflower/jack audio devices selected in the audio setup.

I know the purpose is to keep people from using uncertified interfaces with traktor but It's annoying that it's limiting me. I thought DJTT forums would be more of a neutral place to ask these question than someplace like the Native Instruments Forum.

  1. Ableton into Traktor:To allow us to route ableton into traktor(with timecode), would it be possible to mock or emulate the z2 input? I don't know anything about audio programming but couldn't we have a fake driver or Kext file that would pretend an audio output of another application was the aux input from the z2? I've poked around the Kexts but don't see anything useful. Again, I know enough about this stuff to mess things up.
  2. Traktor into Ableton:I've gotten Audio Hijack to hijack the signal after traktor without changing the audio device in traktor's preferences and reroute it to ableton using soundflower. However, the lag time is unbearable. So as Proof of concept, Finding a solution with lower latency would be the question. Would a smaller and simpler program have less latency compared to using Audio Hijack Pro through soundflower?

I know this is more hypothetical, but I'm curious.