How to mix track that changes bpm during the song
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    Default How to mix track that changes bpm during the song

    Hi I have a remix of a song that starts off at 128 and then goes to 70 bpm. When I press sync on the other track is goes all the way up to 128 even though the first song is now at 70 bpm too.How can I mix another song in Traktor that is around the same 70 bpm ? I tried tapping the bpm on Traktor but the bpm just changed even higher than 128. Thanks
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    Use your ears, or use a bunch of effects to switch over entirely.

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    70 bpm is same as 140 bpm, so you could think of it as going up 12 bpms instead.
    that way it will be easier to beatmatch, but basically you gonna have to put in some work instead of just pressing play. sync should be avoided in this type of situation as it makes it harder rather than easier

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    Yeah, as stated above, the problem is you're trying to use SYNC, and this is one of those situations where it just won't work (Traktor doesn't have elastic beat grids, so it can't handle multiple BPMs for a single track). SYNC depends on an accurate, unchanging grid (which you don't have), so you'll need to adjust the tempo by ear to keep things together.

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